Proof Of Concept

Our consulting service and our web-based tools use a fast and powerful solution for start up the infrastructure necessary to manage spatial data in an efficient way. We offer the deployment of “gvSIG Online” and we use it in our own internal business processes, gvSIG Online is an integral platform for the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) implementation, 100% open source software.

With gvSIG Online we are able to offer our clients to share their geographic information at the cloud, create maps and applications thanks to the easy and powerful system administration tools to manage geospatial information as a critical enterprise asset.

Also by utilizing gvSIG Online as a technological platform we are serving potential clients with proof-of-concepts, through customized private “geoportal” with access from anywhere and with any device.

To start using gvSIG Online, once it is deployed and configured, it will be enough to prepare the data and decide what geoportals want to create and what web services are intended to offer. Generating a new geoportal can be a matter of minutes.

This technological platform provide support for decisions making process derive from accurate and timely geospatial data and the need to be compiled, stored, managed and disseminated efficiently. Beyond technological issues; there is another factor associated with the implementation of this technological platform such as: response to complex environmental issues and the need for inter-sectorial and inter-departmental consensus making mechanism and most importantly here in Canada to strengthen the nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

If you are interested here in Canada in implementing gvSIG Online in your organization you can contact us: Besides counting with the best experts on open source geomatics you will be helping to the gvSIG technology maintenance and development. With the support of the Creativa Consulting Surnorte offer different implementation modalities, as service (hosting+maintenance) as well as implementing it on the client server.