Geo Science & Traditional Knowledge

Usher’s (2000:185) definition of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), which states that “TEK refers specifically to all types of knowledge about the environment derived from experience and traditions of a particular group of people”

Digital elevation and Wet Area Mapping (WAM) and modelling provides opportunities for re-thinking environmental stewardship, with particular emphasis on bringing information about watershed resilience (i,e. hydrological connectivity) and TEK.


  1. Increased efficiency of management decisions, and
  2. Increased robustness of ecological management decisions.

And help to balance the Information Asymmetry that traditionally has existed between First Nations and project proponents.

TRIAL WAM-TOOL for evaluating linear transportation routes and related infrastructure across difficult and sensitive terrain (roads, pipelines, trails, tracks, communication lines, etc.)

Maybe today we do not see great impetus for coming to the Ring of Fire. But do not be fool the mining companies will come “nobody is planting mineral, they will have to come” But we need to be prepared to have the sciences and Traditional Ecological Knowledge about this territory.