Environmental Planning

Our central area of expertise reside within environmental planning with experience in different sectors (forestry, mining, rural/urban planning). Experience has been with leading decentralization and land-use planning, dealing with

  • Locating areas for new settlements,
  • Improving reforestation efforts,
  • Systematic assessment of hydrological risks due to inland flooding and drought, and
  • Promotion of best environmental management practices in resource extraction including oil and mining.

Presently we are supporting the long-term sustainable development of the mining industry in Latin America and Northern Canada, specifically evaluating the layout of existing transportation infrastructure within the context of minimizing environmental impact risks (Hydrological modelling, flood mapping, mining water management, climate change).

Surnorte share with all their partners a passion for collaboration with government, business, and communities / stakeholders / indigenous peoples – using innovative technologies to create a more sustainable future in the South and North.

The interaction between the indigenous communities and development is one important theme for our research and project development. Namely, we want to be part of a society that begins to repay historical debts with the Indigenous people. This situation is valid here in Canada and Chile where both countries need to discuss the participation of indigenous communities in sustainable local development and models of political participation.

Bjarke Ingels, Europa City