About Us


Surnorte Inc recognized that one of the most important contributions of Canada toward Latin America and Northern Canada (Near and Far North) is the implementation of sustainable environmental technologies

With over 10 years of experience in all phases of developing national and international projects in developing and developed countries such as; Canada, Uruguay, Venezuela and Chile has given Surnorte an ability to succeed in identifying potential growth opportunities together with an acute sense and appreciation for cultural, economic, political and environmental sensitivities. This sensibility influence the development process, bringing a significant understanding of culture and place to each assignment.

We believe that by applying ‘appropriate technology’ which is technology that is culturally sensitive yet ecologically sound and economically sustainable we can strengthen the goal of pursuing sustainable development of many developing regions.


Water issues continue to expand and become more complex for planning and development projects and Surnorte will use our existing strengths and experience that can be applied to provide specialized support in northern Canada.

We apply highly specialized knowledge and expertise in the areas of the geomatic and environmental planning. All this scientific and technical knowledge is supported by the latest environmental technologies, especially from the science of hydrological modeling and water management.

Since 2011 Surnorte has been working with the Forest Watershed Research Center of the University of New Brunswick. Specifically promoting and supporting further wet/dry areas mapping research and testing new mapping application of Wet Area Mapping (WAM).

Some of the user-friendly ArcMap tools that will allow GIS specialists and resources planners to take advantage of the newly developed datalayers: